Top 10 FREE DJ Apps Software

Source 1. Virtual DJ (Home Addition) Designed for home DJs, VirtualDJ Home includes nearly all the features of VirtualDJ Pro, with only a few limitations. If you don’t own or don’t plan to use any additional DJ hardware (mixer, turntable, DJ controller or video projector), then VirtualDJ Home will meet all your requirements. 2. Mixxx […]

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Top 15 Best Music Producing Apps has a very interesting post outlining what they believe are the Top 15 best music producing apps/software. Here they are: 01. Image-Line FL Studio / Fruity Loops / FruityLoops 02. Ableton Live 03. PreSonus Studio One 04. Steinberg Cubase 05. PropellerHead Software Reason 06. Apple Logic Pro 07. Cockos Reaper 08. Avid Pro Tools […]

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