Best Music Distribution Company


OK, so you’ve come here (more than likely) because you are an indie artist –– an independent musician –– and you’ve probably seen 100s of music distribution companies and services saying that they are the best… but what’s the real deal?

First, we made things simple by compiling this list of music distribution companies, and (trust us) it’s the most extensive and comprehensive list of music distributing services around!

In order for you to determine who the best music distributor is, there are several factors to consider:

  • What is the total cost of all of their services? –– Many distributors have hidden fees. Some of them will even keep a percentage of your royalties for themselves… even the ones claiming they are ‘free’.
  • How many music stores and apps do they actually distribute to? –– Some music distribution companies will boast and brag about the number of stores they distribute music to but won’t give you the skinny on the different brands or even which ones are truly worth promoting.
  • How fast do you get paid? –– When it comes to actually getting paid and receiving royalties for your music, most music distributors lack the necessary transparency to make you feel truly comfortable about selling your music through them.

Click here to watch a video listing the Top 10 Music Distribution Companies.

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