ADED.US Music Catalog

Primary Artist Release Title UPC-A (barcode) C-Bone 074764000026 Kid 074764000033 I.M. And Craz Dr. Grabow Woodshed U: Properganja II 074764000040 Phil-I 074764000057 Conor Mccormick 074764000064 Dj Faraj 074764000071 Hey Lauren 074764000088 Lunth 074764000095 Wessel 074764000101 Jake Case 074764000118 Gch 074764000125 Dethany 074764000132 Arkansas State 074764000149 Tommy 074764000156 GLCD 074764000163 Young Blum True To Form 074764000170 […]

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Your Music Is Here

If you are viewing this page, then it’s probably for the following reason(s) You are an independent musician/artist and you have used CD Baby (in the past) to distribute your music You used a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for your own artist name or album title Either way, we are […]

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CD Baby Review

This info provided courtesy of the blog We’ve decided to further explain the ins-n-outs of digital distribution by showing comparisons of the top companies in the field. Today we will examine the pricing and payment structures of the CD Baby and ADED.US Music Distribution Cost for a single:  ADED.US Music Distribution ( $5 a month + $3 per […]

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