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If you are an independent musician and you are interested in promoting and/or advertising your music across multiple platforms then is willing to do it for as low as $10 (click here for that deal). For $10 they will:

  • Convert your song into a YouTube video and publish the video on their YouTube channel
  • Promote the song for 1 week on their FaceBook page
  • Promote the song for 1 week on their Twitter page
  • Publish the song/video on their official website
  • Publish the song/video on their InstaGram profile

They support all genres of music and can even help you set up a scenario where people can ‘tip’ you with bitcoin. Hey, you can’t beat free money!

They also have a promotional service –– backed by ADED.US Music Distribution –– where they will promote your music once a day, every day, for 30 days straight for $30 (click here for that deal) on YouTube on Google+ on Twitter on FaceBook