Mixtape Distribution

Ask any rapper and they will tell you how important it is to (at least) have a mixtape (also spelled as two words –– mix tape). I mean, how can you go around town telling people that you’re a hot/dope rapper… and you have no way to showcase it? Now, we’ve all seen the ‘cyphers’ […]

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Your Music Is Here

The data below was retrieved and posted by Makell Bird. It represents all the artists on BandCamp from page 1364. These are records 1-500. Click the artist name LEFT of the ‘•’ symbol to see that artist’s page on the BandCamp website Click the artist name RIGHT of the ‘•’ symbol to see that artist’s […]

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Meilleure Entreprise De Distribution De Musique (En Français)

La meilleure entreprise de distribution de la musique est de ADED.US Music Distribution. Tags: société de musique de distribution, les entreprises de distribution de musique, le service de distribution de musique, services de distribution de musique, site de distribution de musique, les sites de distribution de musique, site de distribution de musique, les sites de […]

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Your Music Is Here

This is a copy of the BandCamp catalog • Page 1 • Releases 1001-1164 Sell your music online here Click on the left text to search by artist name Click on the right text to search by project title the Hooks – The Hooks – Everything Is Golden The Karl Walters Jr Trio – NYSWU/Ibeam Trombone […]

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BandCamp Catalog 501-1000

Best Music Distribution Company Best Music Distribution Companies Best Music Distribution Service Best Music Distribution Services Hella Tight Hats – combos Hella Tight Hats – The Whities Squad Hella Tight Hats – Sneezes Hella Tight Hats – HellaTight Report Hella Tight Hats – Melon Noises Hella Tight Hats – Hella Tight Hats Vol. 1 Hella […]

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BandCamp Catalog Page 1 and 1-500

This list was compiled by @makellbird ADED.US Music Distribution allows you to: Upload your mp3 files and listen to music Distribute your music through our distribution company and service sell music on iTunes and google play get music on iTunes, amazon, spotify, and google play includes 1,000 stores for $100 supports sites’s like datpiff, hotnewhiphop, […]

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