How To Sell Music On iTunes

sell your music on itunes

Selling your music on iTunes is a lot easier than you might think. However, you should know that, iTunes doesn’t work directly with independent artists (musicians). So, in order for you to get your music on iTunes, you will need to establish a digital music distribution deal with a music distribution company that has a contract with Apple iTunes and has the ability to put your music on the iTunes store.

These companies are referred to as aggregators. The business space of music distribution has grown dramatically since the opening of iTunes. In the beginning, there were literally only a handful of companies that could and/or would perform this task for an independent musician. Today, however, there are about 100 of them. You can sift through these companies by taking a look at this list of music distribution companies

If you are an independent musician and you want to know how to sell your music on iTunes then you should check out this company called ADED.US Music Distribution. They have several step-by-step instructions and video guides showing you how to get your music distributed to stores like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Slacker Radio, and more.

Click here to get an iTunes Artist Account

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