Jincheng Zhang Background Instrumental – Fellow

Release Level Info

Release Artist NameJincheng Zhang Background Instrumental
Release TitleFellow
Catalog NumberADED-01014
Release Date2020-05-27
UPC-A (barcode)077885882137
Recording LabelJincheng Zhang (self published)
Distributing LabelADED.US Music Distribution
CopyrightJincheng Zhang
Publishing RightsJincheng Zhang

Track Level Info

No.Track ArtistTrack TitleISRC
1Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalAbundant I Love YouQM-S2M-20-00115
2Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalBookQM-S2M-20-00116
3Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalBush I Love YouQM-S2M-20-00117
4Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalConfessQM-S2M-20-00118
5Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalDashQM-S2M-20-00119
6Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalEfficient I Love YouQM-S2M-20-00120
7Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalEmitQM-S2M-20-00121
8Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalEnemyQM-S2M-20-00122
9Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalExist I Love YouQM-S2M-20-00123
10Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalFailQM-S2M-20-00124
11Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalFellowQM-S2M-20-00125
12Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalFierceQM-S2M-20-00126
13Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalLoanQM-S2M-20-00127
14Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalModestQM-S2M-20-00128
15Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalOpposeQM-S2M-20-00129
16Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalOverlookingQM-S2M-20-00130
17Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalProblemQM-S2M-20-00131
18Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalTrimQM-S2M-20-00132
19Jincheng Zhang Background InstrumentalUniteQM-S2M-20-00133
Jincheng Zhang Background Instrumental Fellow cover

Top 100 on Apple Music for July 2019

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Out of all the songs (and releases) that were distributed to Apple Music by ADED.US Music Distribution, these are the Top 100 songs that got streamed the most in July 2019… and the number of streams they garnered.

Track/Song Title Primary Track Artist Apple ID Streams
On God (feat. Zuse & Post Malone) DJ Jazz II 1045777811 50180
The First 48 (feat. Shy Glizzy) DJ Jazz II 1047356958 33951
Slauson Boy Nipsey Hussle 1458459357 10938
That Way (feat. Migos & Rich the Kid) DJ Jazz II 1210899547 9633
Rimpau’s Finest Nipsey Hussle 1458459359 9020
On Tha Blocc Nipsey Hussle 1458459358 7917
Grams and Gold Chains Nipsey Hussle 1458459363 7094
Ooh (Showin’ Her Drawls) Nipsey Hussle 1458459360 6879
Wrap It Up Nipsey Hussle 1458459361 6823
Remind Me of My D Nipsey Hussle 1458459364 6768
4 Da Uhh (Jus’ So I Could) Nipsey Hussle 1458459362 6505
Fastlane Youngstas Nipsey Hussle 1458459366 6210
Things Ain’t Been the Same Nipsey Hussle 1458459369 5332
What’z Da Bizness Nipsey Hussle 1458459367 5267
Absolutely Going Brazy DJ Reddy Rell 1441356234 5155
Cali Nipsey Hussle 1458459365 5064
Traps Nipsey Hussle 1458459368 4842
Applause Chloe x Halle 715239361 3475
Medicine Jimmie Hoffa 968198986 3145
Ain’t No Coming Down (feat. Juicy J) DJ Fly Guy 654116364 3080
Dirty Money (feat. Lil Baby) Lil Baby, DatBoiSkeet 1395681218 2541
Big Homies (feat. Maxo & Fredo Santana) DJ Jazz II 1045777831 2493
Rock Baby DJ Trinity 1195270140 2358
Jersey Club DJ Prospect 1163598198 2274
We Can’t Stop Chloe x Halle 715239363 1954
Sosa Style (feat. Chief Keef) DJ Jazz II 892582135 1931
In the Way (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) YoungBoy Never Broke Again, DatBoiSkeet 1395681216 1839
Wrecking Ball Chloe x Halle 715239367 1817
Roar Chloe x Halle 715239366 1651
21 Peepin’ (feat. Savage, Gucci Mane, & Playboi Carti) DJ Jazz II 1045777819 1493
Trick Daddy x Trina Nann Nigga Dj Quotah 965409209 1255
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Instrumental) TinyGrads 583083077 1214
I Love This Sh!t (feat. August Alsina and Birdman) [G-Mix] DJ Fly Guy 654116361 1192
Lit (feat. OG Maco, Cam Sheely & Quavo) DJ Jazz II 1047356884 1185
Suzy Q Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122438 1056
Chiraq (feat. Ace Hood) [Freestyle] DJ Jazz II 892582125 1002
Settle Down Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122449 945
Ride On It Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122445 889
Why You Mad (feat. Shy Glizzy & Fetty Wap) DJ Jazz II 1045777812 810
Shape of You Teddy La Vuelta 1220201935 809
Grade a (feat. Lil Boosie) DJ Jazz II 892582118 738
Hands On You (feat. Future) DJ Fly Guy 654116359 737
Do Not Disturb DJ Reddy Rell 1441356231 734
I Don’t Want U (feat. Cupid) Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122441 731
Hein Pere Stanley Enow 650325730 720
Trailride Country Girl Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122452 692
Let Me Kiss U Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122437 691
The Champ Is Here Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122434 686
Gotta Girl (Uh-Huh) [Street Version] T.C.P. (The Crowd Pleasers) 635704121 643
Fu¢king Up Profits DJ Reddy Rell 1441356230 628
Hands Official (feat. Kevin Gates) DJ Jazz II 1047356949 622
No Sus HumanProd 997493350 622
Aight (feat. Gunplay & Rick Ross) DJ Jazz II 892582119 591
Forever Young Killa Dude 563731445 569
Chợt Là Nỗi Đau Thuy Tien 781039006 526
Where I’m From (feat. Tee Grizzley) Tee Grizzley, DatBoiSkeet 1395681199 525
Another Country (feat. Cash Out and Future) DJ Fly Guy 654116355 516
They Sleeping On Me Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122439 503
Fake Gold (feat. Young Scooter) DJ Fly Guy 654116354 497
Mama Told Me (feat. Zed Zilla, Yo Gotti, & Lil STL) DJ Jazz II 892582124 492
I Don’t Know (feat. Meek Mill & Paloma Ford) DJ Jazz II 892582136 490
Free Offset (feat. Migos) DJ Jazz II 1047356881 488
Good (feat. Rocko & Lil Wayne) DJ Jazz II 892582117 488
We Ain’t Broke No More Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122450 481
Worst Pain (feat. D. Dash ft Kevin Gates) DJ Jazz II 1045777828 457
Can’t Get Enough Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122435 436
Quay Về Đi (feat. Noo Phước Thịnh) Thuy Tien 781039004 428
Come a Lil Closer Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122447 419
Word Around Town (feat. Lil Bibby) DJ Jazz II 1054119367 419
Double Cup (feat. Ace Hood, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, Kirko Bangz, Tiffany Foxx, & Snootie Wild) [Remix] DJ Jazz II 892582129 407
Feeling Good (feat. Moneybagg Yo) Moneybagg Yo, DatBoiSkeet 1395681207 392
Chiếc Lá Cô Đơn Thuy Tien 781039003 390
My Type DJ Jazz II 965011961 387
Ngôi Nhà Hạnh Phúc Thuy Tien 781039005 376
Whatcha Workin’ Wit’ Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122436 354
Faded (feat. 21 Savage) DJ Jazz II 1210899581 345
We Outcha Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122446 339
Let Loose (feat. Jerimih and the Game) DJ Fly Guy 654116366 337
Happy Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122451 325
No Love (feat. YFN Lucci) YFN Lucci, DatBoiSkeet 1395681209 318
Shut It Down (feat. Drake) [No Sleep Remix] DJ Jazz II 892582137 314
With Me (feat. T.I. And Lil Wayne) DJ Fly Guy 654116353 305
Act a Fool (feat. Yung Ralph & Fetty Wap) DJ Jazz II 1045777827 299
Pour Me Up Leon Chavis And The Zydeco Flames 915122440 298
Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up (feat. Lil Wayne) DJ Jazz II 892582138 295
Slippin (feat. ZO) G.Cinco 1299308511 292
Might Be MigoDomingo 1061416278 291
Best Step Edwin Covington 1352932399 286
300 Spartans (feat. Sy Ari Da Kid, Migos, Scotty, Issa, & John John Da Don) DJ Jazz II 892582123 282
Ngôi Nhà Hạnh Phúc (Piano Version) Thuy Tien 781039007 278
Royals (Verse) Killa Dude 949289331 276
My Family (feat. Quavo) DJ Jazz II 1047356878 270
Jesus Saved Today Edwin Covington 1357957212 240
Bitch I Got It Young Dolph, Red Head, Fresh Porter 1067504176 239
Directions (feat. Brenda Rred) DatBoiSkeet, Brenda Rred 1395681211 237
Maalan Jira Haacaaluu Hundeessaa 1116295412 231
Boss N!gga (feat. Juicy J) DJ Fly Guy 654116351 223
Popping For Something (feat. Young Dro, Yung Booke, And B.O.B.) DJ Fly Guy 654116365 222
Turn It (feat. MPA Duke, Skippa Da Flippa, & Rich the Kid) DJ Jazz II 1047356960 200
We Out Yea (feat. Ace Hood and Lil Wayne) DJ Fly Guy 654116358 200

Translee What They Want

Translee What They Want (full mixtape)
▶︎ Download https://goo.gl/aXPyRN ––
▶︎ Stream https://goo.gl/pEhhK2 ––

  1. Translee What They Want [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/LaVTwDUqTG0
  2. Translee Hello (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Reldk] https://youtu.be/DO6aKZS-Y4c
  3. Translee Glory (feat. Marian Mereba) [Prod. By Maxx Payne] https://youtu.be/yRZHrM9fpZY
  4. Translee American Way (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/Nzbg5PXeZHU
  5. Translee Who Knows (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/fCeOd1_RSnU
  6. Translee Damn [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/g8SodkDf7FI
  7. Translee Here To Stay (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Maxx Payne] https://youtu.be/Mu0drtW0dyc
  8. Translee Amsterdam (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall and Chris Hunter] https://youtu.be/ZWeB-ulFMIc
  9. Translee Hero (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/BEEF4NhH4Sg
  10. Translee Never Forget (Eddy Fontane Interlude) [Prod. By Snaz Duppro] https://youtu.be/B6F512Iiz3w
  11. Translee On My Own (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By DJ Spinz] https://youtu.be/OnBOd-LZDPo
  12. Translee Mars Blackmon [Prod. By Todd Marshall] https://youtu.be/gRWzCP-YIWw
  13. Translee Wait For It [Prod. By Mr. Hanky] https://youtu.be/49zsB10GwJk
  14. Translee Like To Party [Prod. By Cashflow Beats] https://youtu.be/ADZCBOquFmk
  15. Translee Rubberbands (feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Eddy Fontane] https://youtu.be/a9EZjluaHjU
  16. Translee Does Anybody Love Anymore (feat. Raheem Devaughn and Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Reldk] https://youtu.be/MJ5zQIUtlDw
  17. Translee What It Is (feat. Solace and Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Maxx Payne] https://youtu.be/3QDIGvHbCUI
  18. Translee Had My Way (feat. Eddy Fontane and Marian Mereba) [Prod. By Todd Marshall and Marian Mereba] https://youtu.be/ZrSa_AmWRgE
  19. Translee Sometimes [Prod. By Maxx Payne] https://youtu.be/yZ-Kuf9xyUQ
  20. Translee Ignant (feat. Yung Tone) [Prod. By DJ Spinz] https://youtu.be/_yhNXZOTLLU

ADED.US Music Catalog

ADED-007052016-04-09David Zakarian and Mariano Gabriel Chamorro11074764005977
ADED-007062016-04-11Jaye Da Hustla x Goreala GreedySteven Seagal074764005984
ADED-007082016-04-18Farrell WymoreFarrell Wymore074764006004
ADED-007092016-04-21Grayson Hodgkiss and Will C.Hold You074764006011
ADED-007102016-04-23Kristin Hope KeyI Guess It’s Me074764006028
ADED-007112016-04-23RealLaFreshXO For Breakfast074764006035
ADED-007122016-05-03Usaf-Ali CastleWar In My City (feat. Junesun and Coco)074764006042
ADED-007132016-05-10Die$elDivine Introduction074764006059
ADED-007142016-05-07Mosaic YouthAll To You074764006066
ADED-007152016-05-17Haacaaluu HundeessaaMaalan Jira074764006073
ADED-007162016-05-17Caalaa BultumeeMaaster Pilaanii074764006080
ADED-007172016-05-18QurizmaWhat Is It074764006097
ADED-007182016-05-23Idol MindLost Paradise074764006103
ADED-007192016-05-31Stitch JonesThe Bread Collector and The Emancipation Of Bacon074764006110
ADED-007202016-06-01KblackWaisted Time074764006127
ADED-007212016-05-31Akbar WalksEvery Behavior Has a Motive074764006134
ADED-007222016-05-31Akbar WalksD.U.I.074764006141
ADED-007232016-06-01UsafDa Baddest074764006158
ADED-007242016-06-01UsafLike They Chin074764006165
ADED-007252016-06-17Andrei SamsonovIllusions074764006172
ADED-007262016-06-10Daniela FontanarosaFeel The Love074764006189
ADED-007272016-06-18Emma CappuccilliDon’t Listen To The Boys074764006196
ADED-007282016-06-18The Same SarahsI Forget You074764006202
ADED-007292016-06-22Scott StreibleAlive and Well074764006219
ADED-007302016-06-27Robin RoelofsCornfreak074764006226
ADED-007312016-06-24Old BeanCreatures074764006233
ADED-007322016-06-17ShaadAll Thanks Given074764006240
ADED-007332016-06-28Alessia De GasperisCrying To The Moon074764006257
ADED-007342016-06-29Robin RoelofsOfficial Flunky074764006264
ADED-007352016-05-29DJ Jazz III Am Trap 17.1074764006271
ADED-007362016-07-15D Heat Tha FlameI Need Cash Money 1074764006288
ADED-007372016-07-18Masai MaySoul Searching074764006295
ADED-007382016-07-20Twin VillainsTwin Villains074764006325
ADED-007392016-07-18Asia AragonGirls Paradise074764006332
ADED-007402016-07-31Zoe LeidIce Cream Truck (Drip Drip)074764006349
ADED-007412016-05-29DJ Jazz III Am Trap 17.2074764006356
ADED-007432016-08-11Matt PorscheNutting You Can Tell Us074764006370
ADED-007442016-08-11ShaadWhen It Come to Me074764006387
ADED-007452016-08-11ShaadBetter Ways 2: The Sequel074764006394
ADED-007462016-08-26Terry Dark’s Jameson RaidSuperglue Salesman074764006400
ADED-007472016-08-28OMBIn My Eyes074764006417
ADED-007482016-08-31LBass In Her Voice074764006424
ADED-007492016-09-01Tae KalzMy Checklist074764006431
ADED-007502016-09-03Alpha ThoughtCandle In The Temple074764006448
ADED-007512016-09-12Ayeaux Thee GawdPacks From Lupe074764006455
ADED-007532016-09-28Alpha Thought7 Heart Breaks074764006479
ADED-007542016-10-02Grafton PrimaryAdapt074764006486
ADED-007552016-09-29LIt’s All Love074764006493
ADED-007562016-10-07Celia BabiniGunfire074764006509
ADED-007572016-10-07DJ ProspectJersey Club (Part I)074764006516
ADED-007582016-10-11Cool By NatureI Killed The Beat040232510540
ADED-007592016-10-08Asia AragonJust Fly Away074764006547
ADED-007602016-10-23T.B.3Kobe (24 Hours)074764006554
ADED-007622016-10-19DJ Jazz III Am Trap 23.1074764006578
ADED-007632016-10-19DJ Jazz III Am Trap 23.2074764006585
ADED-007642016-10-31Cool By NatureNo Worries040232521874
ADED-007652016-11-04NayTekkai Rom074764006608
ADED-007662016-11-11William Covington IVLet Us Pray074764006615
ADED-007682016-11-18Radio FarmMerry Christmas074764006639
ADED-007692016-11-21Suzie G.Must Be That Time of Year074764006646
ADED-007702016-11-22Tre’ the MusaHeal My Soul074764006653
ADED-007562016-10-07Celia BabiniGunfire074764006660
ADED-007712016-12-08Damian PeloghitisRemembering Days Spent in Houston074764006677
ADED-007722016-12-07Faith KekanaA Christmas Letter074764006684
ADED-007732016-12-08Damian PeloghitisRemembering Days Spent in Houston074764006691
ADED-007742016-09-06Trell-MixRound 3: Knowledge074764006707
ADED-007752016-12-03Iner.GProspect (feat. Shay and Supreme Starz)074764006714
ADED-007762016-12-03Victor NavarroCon Mas Que Palabras074764006721
ADED-007772016-12-04DavideDAYS: Progression074764006738
ADED-007792016-12-13Kyle BallachinoLove Is A Bit Like A Chive074764006752
ADED-007802016-12-15Christos StylianidesWhat I’ve Become (feat. Chris Hodges)074764006769
ADED-007812016-12-15Tre’ the MusaFor God So Loved074764006776
ADED-007822016-12-22Latte DaYou and I074764006783
ADED-007832016-12-27Farrell WymoreA Tear In The Ocean074764006790
ADED-007842017-01-05OgenoI Got That074764006806
ADED-007862017-01-09MinnowDead End Host074764006820
ADED-007872017-01-11DJ TrinityEDM Workout Vol. 1074764006837
ADED-007882017-01-07Asia AragonLucky For Me074764006844
ADED-007892017-01-15Splash God Mac LanSplash Season 3: Police State074764006851
ADED-007902017-01-18ImaajiLife Has Meaning074764006868
ADED-007912017-01-18Chris DugglebyStudio Valiumm074764006875
ADED-007922017-01-18Bobby Wallisch Jr.Orange Sun074764006882
ADED-007932017-01-19Harry PalmerMantras of Peace and Compassion074764006899
ADED-007942017-01-23Life BandMountains Move (Khmer)074764006905
ADED-007952017-01-23Life BandMountains Move (English)074764006912
ADED-007962017-01-25The DuFranesThe Sinister Six074764006929
ADED-007972017-01-28HumanFake Trill 2: Before The Party074764006936
ADED-007982017-02-07MinnowWaves Goodbye074764006943
ADED-007992017-02-01Chris DugglebyElectro Baroque074764006950
ADED-008002017-02-08Roguish TayMind On Money074764006967
ADED-008012017-02-13William Covington IVKarmageddon 1: Good Karma074764006974
ADED-008032017-02-13ShamThought You Loved Me074764006998
ADED-008042017-02-22Jeffrey MunksThe Believer and The Skeptic074764007001
ADED-008052017-03-10MinnowExploded View of Home074764007018
ADED-008062017-03-03MinnowA Special Place In Hell074764007025
ADED-008072017-02-22NonFictionFood 4 Thought: The Entree074764007032
ADED-008092017-03-01FURIAKsiężyc Milczy Luty074764007056
ADED-008102017-03-05AmberolaRock n Rolla074764007063
ADED-008112017-03-18OgenoAin’t New074764007087
ADED-008122017-03-19Stitch JonesEcholalia074764007094
ADED-008132017-03-18OgenoNo Problems (feat. Greez Mac A Doe)074764007100
ADED-008142017-03-18OgenoGive It To Her (feat. Friday Night)074764007117
ADED-008152017-03-23Zoe LeidCrazy074764007124
ADED-008162017-03-22Teddy La VueltaShape of You (Spanish Remix)074764007131
ADED-008172017-03-26Tone The ManagerThe Art Of Grindin’074764007148
ADED-008182017-03-18OgenoWe Out Here (feat. AP.9 & Mistah Fab)074764007155
ADED-008192017-03-28Jay CharmNo Love Lost074764007162
ADED-008212017-04-01Paul Joseph HooverMy Hometown074764007186
ADED-008222017-04-04ACEOOKI Love You074764007193
ADED-008232017-04-06Russell ColemanWhores of Hollywood074764007209
ADED-008242017-04-13James Brent WestbrookAttitude of the Wolf074764007216
ADED-008252017-04-15Hizkia TimotiusJurus Jitu074764007223
ADED-008262017-04-17Dabyna Poll-AbrahamReggae Funky074764007230
ADED-008272017-04-19TarioI’m On It074764007247
ADED-008292017-04-18Jacob EverettWhere You Are074764007261
ADED-008302017-04-23Taylor-MadeThe One074764007278
ADED-008312017-04-26YTB KaineGet One074764007285
ADED-008322017-04-26MystaJust Believe074764007292
ADED-008332017-04-28James Brent WestbrookBlack Guitar074764007308
ADED-008342017-04-29Tre’ the MusaFeel My Pain074764007315
ADED-008352017-05-03Teddy La VueltaQue Tu Crees! (feat. Benny Benni)074764007322
ADED-008372017-05-03Infilitrate 18.0Infilitrate 18.0074764007346
ADED-008382017-05-09In TimeTo The Limit074764007353
ADED-008392017-05-10PPLPost Personality Loss074764007360
ADED-008402017-05-15DiMarco BrothersCounting Backwards074764007377
ADED-008412017-05-18Prince ReignnThe Take Over074764007384
ADED-008442017-05-26Ghost In DecayDeparted074764007414
ADED-008452017-06-01KalaCan’t Be Sold (feat. Alvarito Solo)074764007421
ADED-008462017-06-01James Brent WestbrookEagle074764007438
ADED-008472017-05-27Jerry BelitchI Just Want To Give You Pleasure (feat. Emma Pope)074764007445
ADED-008482017-05-27Jerry BelitchPoser074764007452
ADED-008492017-06-02Kristen MaxfieldBad Habit074764007469
ADED-008502017-06-11Jaye CarcaryMindfully Managing Stress – Meditation074764007476
ADED-008512017-06-12Zak HurmidOmni Sight Seeing Vol. 1074764007483
ADED-008522017-06-11CAM24/7Never Let You Go074764007490
ADED-008542017-06-13Zak HurmidOmni Sight Seeing Vol. 2074764007513
ADED-008572017-06-29Yar Dier ApacGift From God074764007544
ADED-008582017-06-19ScimmyAll of Em’074764007551
ADED-008602017-06-19ScimmyOuterspace (feat. Cee Jay)074764007575
ADED-008622017-06-19ScimmyMiss Me074764007599
ADED-008642017-06-25Jacob EverettMy Valentine074764007612
ADED-008652017-06-26ACEOOKACEOOK Identity EP7074764007629
ADED-008662017-06-29Yar Dier ApacDunya Garieb074764007636
ADED-008672017-07-15DelBrotherly Love074764007643
ADED-008682017-07-04ACEOOKEP8 Infinity Peace074764007650
ADED-008692017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda074764007667
ADED-008702017-07-24El Tom and Maxi El FuturoSexo Oral074764007674
ADED-008712017-08-02ScimmyLike Me074764007681
ADED-008722017-08-02James Brent WestbrookIsland Hopping074764007698
ADED-008732017-08-04QueenA King Named Queen074764007704
ADED-008742017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 1: Fundamentals of Ayurvea074764007711
ADED-008752017-08-10Jeffrey MunksThe Beholder074764007728
ADED-008762017-08-18YTB KaineBlessing074764007735
ADED-008772017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 2: Detoxification074764007742
ADED-008782017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 3: Friendly Bacteria074764007759
ADED-008792017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 4: Vitamin D074764007766
ADED-008802017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 5: Cholesterol074764007773
ADED-008812017-07-20Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Dr. Marianne TeitelbaumIntroduction To SVAyurveda Class 6: Vegan Diet, Milk, and Bone Health074764007780
ADED-008822017-08-29YTB KaineGTFUOMF074764007797
ADED-008832017-08-31Dabyna Poll-AbrahamSon of Rock074764007803
ADED-008842017-08-31Dabyna Poll-AbrahamRocklife Orchestra074764007810
ADED-008862017-09-02ScimmyPassing By074764007834
ADED-008872017-09-02ScimmyFeeling (feat. NOETIC.)074764007841
ADED-008892017-08-31Dabyna Poll-AbrahamJahchild and the Messengers074764007865
ADED-008902017-09-11Joshua Heart1HUNDRED074764007872
ADED-008912017-09-12TayoWah He Say (feat. Payroll.Zay)074764007889
ADED-008922017-09-05James Brent WestbrookCity Kid074764007896
ADED-008932017-09-14KodivkThe Dirt Beneath074764007902
ADED-008942017-09-11Joshua HeartJoshua Heart074764007919
ADED-008952017-09-27Steven & Jordan B. StrangePraise Him Right Now074764007926
ADED-008962017-09-28Moises CastroEl Martirio074764007933
ADED-008972017-10-08T Da NonperialNonperial Productions EP074764007940
ADED-008982017-10-16Alvarito SoloNzube na Nzube Mbanda Makelele074764007957
ADED-009002017-10-17D $wi$hOcean (feat. Spades)074764007971
ADED-009022017-10-23G.CincoFeel Good (feat. ZO)074764007995
ADED-009032017-11-17OpinionsPiece of Work074764008008
ADED-009042017-11-09James Brent WestbrookGypsy Road074764008015
ADED-009082017-11-23NonFictionReal Tearz074764008053
ADED-009092017-11-24Jacob EverettH-Town Strong074764008060
ADED-009102017-11-29Kyle SmithKyle Smith EP074764008077
ADED-009142017-12-14Sir Mackin’s CadreDon’t Come Knockin’ (feat. Lyly Greenluv)074764008084
ADED-009152017-12-14Stackie ChanDon’t Tell (feat. Lime Light Trife)074764008091
ADED-009182017-12-14Sir Mackin’s CadreDon’t Come Knockin’ (feat. Lyly Greenluv)074764008121
ADED-009202018-01-17NonFictionSimple and Plain074764008145
ADED-009212018-01-05Podd, Heal, and Cloud ControlThe Useable Neutrality or Follow-up074764008152
ADED-009232018-01-24LG BorelandBrexit You’re Not So Cherio074764008176
ADED-009242017-12-22Farrell WymoreComfort Zone074764008183
ADED-009252018-01-23Kristin E FavatellaRaw Dog Weather074764008190
ADED-009262018-01-24Shelley QLife Goes On074764008206
ADED-009272018-01-24Shelley QAustralia074764008213
ADED-009282018-02-25Edwin CovingtonBest Step074764008220
ADED-009292018-03-14Edwin CovingtonTeam Jesus074764008237
ADED-009302018-03-05Kathy HernandezWith All of my Heart074764008244
ADED-009312018-03-09James Brent WestbrookViking Warrior074764008251
ADED-009322018-03-09Edwin CovingtonTeam Jesus 2074764008268
ADED-009332018-03-05Chaim GoldBein Yom U’bein Laila074764008275
ADED-009342018-03-14Edwin CovingtonPraise Ready074764008282
ADED-009352018-03-19Chart ToppersChart Toppers074764008299
ADED-009362018-03-19T Da NonperialOverQualified074764008305
ADED-009372018-03-16Jesse WhiteResting Place074764008312
ADED-009382018-03-22StepdOnJuice (feat. Bank$)074764008329
ADED-009392018-03-25Kathy HernandezSelah at Night074764008336
ADED-009402018-04-01Lewis MacinnesAtom074764008343
ADED-009412018-03-25Kathy HernandezJesus Is Alive and Well074764008350
ADED-009422018-03-25Edwin CovingtonJesus Got Me Lit074764008367
ADED-00943LG Boreland074764008374
ADED-009442018-04-05King DineroBeast Mode074764008381
ADED-0094504/03/18Asia AragonGood Crazy074764008398
ADED-009462018-04-18Fem-JayLivin Life in the Ghetto074764008404
ADED-009472018-04-18Duke Da DonI Do What I Want074764008411
ADED-009482018-04-30Edwin CovingtonPraise Party074764008428
ADED-009492018-05-04ACEOOKLittle Boy074764008435
ADED-009502018-04-05MilytantOpen Minded074764008442
ADED-009512018-06-06DatBoiSkeetBroke Is The Root of All Evil074764008459
ADED-009522018-05-17DJ KAY-BSunset Blvd.074764008466
ADED-009532018-06-08Diego AgustinAPOLLO074764008473
ADED-009542008-03-16Maktown RadioMaktown Radio 1074764008480
ADED-009562018-06-15Illuminati BeatzLife Is (feat. Bun B, Gudda Gudda, Project Pat)074764008503
ADED-009572018-07-05Mac LanThe Return of Mac Lan074764008510
ADED-009582018-07-23Jacob EverettFaded074764008527
ADED-009592018-07-23Jacob EverettMi Amor074764008534
ADED-009602018-07-30Kick DoeOut On Bond074764008541
ADED-009612018-08-22DJ TazThat’s Right Remixes074764008558
ADED-009622018-08-28Illuminati BeatzSolstice074764008565
ADED-009632018-08-07DJ KAY-BThird Dimension074764008572
ADED-009642018-08-12Illuminati BeatzMid-Summer Nights074764008589
ADED-0096508/13/18James Brent WestbrookLight Is Eternal074764008596
ADED-009662018-08-15Jeffrey MunksSilence of The Mountain Giants074764008602
ADED-009682018-10-16WitchdoctorThe Gubberment074764008626
ADED-009692018-04-02Farrell WymoreThe Sigh074764008633
ADED-009702018-11-05DJ Reddy RellHip Hop TXL 98074764008640
ADED-009712018-11-03Young TanSave My Soul074764008657
ADED-009722018-11-24Trell-MixRound 4: The MIX Effect074764008664
ADED-009732018-11-22Steven B StrangeWe Want To Praise You (Remix)074764008671

Farrell Wymore (self titled)


Purchase, download, and stream music from Farrell Wymore, by Farrell Wymore, directly from the ADED.US Music Store.


RELEASE DATE 2016-04-18
RELEASE TITLE Farrell Wymore
UPC-A (BARCODE) 074764006004
COPYRIGHT feraltunes


1 Farrell Wymore Goodbye QMS2M1600157
2 Farrell Wymore Dance QMS2M1600158
3 Farrell Wymore Crime QMS2M1600159
4 Farrell Wymore DesiDo QMS2M1600160
5 Farrell Wymore Dog QMS2M1600161
6 Farrell Wymore Ornery QMS2M1600162
7 Farrell Wymore Dream QMS2M1600163
8 Farrell Wymore Smile QMS2M1600164
9 Farrell Wymore Time QMS2M1600165
10 Farrell Wymore Stuck QMS2M1600166
11 Farrell Wymore Sunrise QMS2M1600167
12 Farrell Wymore Synergy QMS2M1600168
13 Farrell Wymore Sassy QMS2M1600169


Mac Lan The Return of Mac Lan


Purchase, download, and stream music from The Return of Mac Lan, by Mac Lan, directly from the ADED.US Music Store.

Release Level Info

RELEASE DATE 2018-07-05
RELEASE TITLE The Return of Mac Lan
UPC-A (BARCODE) 074764008510
COPYRIGHT(S) Orlando M. Clemons
PUBLISHING RIGHT(S) Orlando M. Clemons for Hardworkn Pays Publishing
SUB-GENRE West Coast Hip-Hop / Rap

Track Level Info

1 Mac Lan Broken Dreams (Intro) QMS2M1800258
2 Mac Lan Didn’t Do It QMS2M1800259
3 Mac Lan Vision (feat. Cash Kid) QMS2M1800260
4 Mac Lan Habit (feat. Ato Worldwide) QMS2M1800261
5 Mac Lan Sunscreen (feat. Big B & J Wet) QMS2M1800262
6 Mac Lan Sucka Nigga (feat. S.u.e. & Prince Hall) QMS2M1800263
7 Mac Lan Get the Picture (feat. Splash God) QMS2M1800264
8 Mac Lan Pimp Too QMS2M1800265
9 Mac Lan Ain’t Real (feat. MGM Peanut) QMS2M1800266
10 Mac Lan Dead Man (feat. Young Teej) QMS2M1800267
11 Mac Lan Precision (feat. Young Teej) QMS2M1800268
12 Mac Lan Late Night (feat. Prince Hall) QMS2M1800269
13 Mac Lan Green Card QMS2M1800270
14 Mac Lan Trap Bitch QMS2M1800271
15 Mac Lan Trap Shit (feat. Money Boyz) QMS2M1800272
16 Mac Lan Dream Team (feat. Slick Stunna & Gun Language) QMS2M1800273
17 Mac Lan Bullet Proof (feat. Dolla Dame & Young Teej) QMS2M1800274
18 Mac Lan Thankful QMS2M1800275
19 Mac Lan Been 400 QMS2M1800276
20 Mac Lan Not Real Pimpin’ QMS2M1800277
21 Mac Lan Who Run QMS2M1800278
22 Mac Lan For Everything (feat. Splash God, Sleepy D, D-Lo & Lil Yase) QMS2M1800279




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T Da Nonperial OverQualified Shazam

T Da Nonperial Shazam

TrackList ––
01 T Da Nonperial Remove Hatas (Like A NIC Card) [Intro] Shazam QMS2M1800121
02 T Da Nonperial Part of Life Shazam QMS2M1800122
03 T Da Nonperial Make Differences Shazam QMS2M1800123
04 T Da Nonperial Sky Rocket Shazam QMS2M1800124
05 T Da Nonperial Transmission Threat Management Shazam QMS2M1800125
06 T Da Nonperial Briefing Hardest Rap Shazam QMS2M1800126
07 T Da Nonperial Make Differences (Saturnight Mix) Shazam QMS2M1800127
08 T Da Nonperial Wise Rappa The Come Up Shazam QMS2M1800128
09 T Da Nonperial Slyde Through (feat. Young Provendence and SevenZ) Shazam QMS2M1800129
10 T Da Nonperial Write At Night [Remix] (feat. SevenZ) Shazam QMS2M1800130
11 T Da Nonperial Hurt Feelings Shazam QMS2M1800131
12 T Da Nonperial Can’t Stop Vibing Shazam QMS2M1800132
13 T Da Nonperial Briefing Nonperial Meaning Shazam QMS2M1800133

Top 100 iTunes USA


1 Bad Wolves Zombie
2 Drake God’s Plan
3 Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey The Middle
4 Bebe Rexha Meant to Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
5 Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes
6 Ed Sheeran Perfect
7 Jason Aldean You Make It Easy
8 Camila Cabello Never Be the Same
9 Justin Timberlake Say Something (feat. Chris Stapleton)
10 The Band of Heathens Hurricane
11 Shinedown DEVIL
12 Camila Cabello Havana (feat. Young Thug)
13 Maroon 5 Wait
14 Post Malone Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
15 Kane Brown Heaven
16 Imagine Dragons Thunder
17 The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar Pray For Me
18 NF Let You Down
20 Bruno Mars Finesse (Remix) [feat. Cardi B.]
21 Carrie Underwood The Champion (feat. Ludacris)
22 Thomas Rhett Marry Me
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24 Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble This Is Me
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28 Bazzi Mine
29 BlocBoy JB Look Alive (feat. Drake)
30 Chris Stapleton Broken Halos
31 Imagine Dragons Believer
32 Portugal. The Man Feel It Still
33 Post Malone I Fall Apart
34 Scotty McCreery This Is It
35 Brett Young In Case You Didn’t Know
36 Jordan Davis Singles You Up
37 Jordan Davis Singles You Up
38 Scotty McCreery Five More Minutes
39 Taylor Swift Delicate
40 Migos Stir Fry
41 Charlie Puth How Long
43 Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me
44 Marshmello & Anne+Marie FRIENDS
45 Khalid Young Dumb & Broke
46 G+Eazy & Halsey Him & I
47 Post Malone rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)
48 Pearl Jam Can’t Deny Me
49 Alice Merton No Roots
50 Selena Gomez & Marshmello Wolves
51 MercyMe I Can Only Imagine
52 N.E.R.D & Rihanna Lemon
53 Luke Combs One Number Away
54 Dua Lipa New Rules
55 James Bay Pink Lemonade
56 Offset & Metro Boomin Ric Flair Drip
57 Macklemore Good Old Days (feat. Kesha)
58 Lee Brice Boy
59 Jason Derulo Colors
60 Dan + Shay Tequila
61 David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesne Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
62 Halsey Bad at Love
63 P!nk Beautiful Trauma
64 Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey
65 Ed Sheeran Shape of You
66 DJ Khaled Top Off (feat. JAY Z, Future)
67 Lauv I Like Me Better
68 Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You
69 Old Dominion Written in the Sand
70 Eminem River (feat. Ed Sheeran)
71 Foster the People Sit Next to Me
72 Kelly Clarkson & Hoda Kotb I’ve Loved You Since Forever
73 Brett Young Mercy
74 Devin Dawson All On Me
75 Blake Shelton I Lived It
77 MAX Lights Down Low (feat. Gnash)
78 Five Finger Death Punch Gone Away
79 Cardi B Bodak Yellow
80 Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blak King’s Dead
81 Maroon 5 What Lovers Do (feat. SZA)
82 Dua Lipa IDGAF
84 TobyMac I just need U.
85 Justin Timberlake CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!
86 Kesha Praying
87 Kane Brown What Ifs (feat. Lauren Alain)
88 Walker Hayes You Broke Up with Me
89 Nicky Jam & J Balvin X
90 Maluma El Préstamo
91 P!nk What About Us
92 Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry
93 Daddy Yankee Dura
94 Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Despacito (feat. Justin Bieber)
95 Rich The Kid Plug Walk
96 Kendrick Lamar LOVE. (FEAT. ZACARI.)
97 Cory Asbury Reckless Love
98 The Chainsmokers & Coldplay Something Just Like This
99 Sam Hunt Body Like a Back Road

Pooh Pistols Music



Pooh Pistols is a rapper based in Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A..


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Remember Everybody Ain’t Loyal (2012)

Road 2 Real 3 (2017)

For the Opps (2017)



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