New Music Releases

The following info is basically a spreadsheet of all the music distributed by ADED.US Music Distribution. These are records for releases #00705 – #00899. CATALOG # DATE ARTIST NAME ALBUM TITLE UPC-A LABEL ADED-00705 2016-04-09 David Zakarian and Mariano Gabriel Chamorro 11 074764005977 2016 David Zakarian ADED-00706 2016-04-11 Jaye Da Hustla x Goreala Greedy Steven […]

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G.Cinco Slippin

CATALOG # DATE ARTIST NAME ALBUM TITLE UPC-A LABEL # TRACK TITLE ISRC ADED-00898 2017-10-16 Alvarito Solo Nzube na Nzube Mbanda Makelele 074764007957 Flow Records / Flow Records Publishing 1 Nzube na Nzube Mbanda Makelele QMS2M1700625  

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ADED.US Music Catalog

Primary Artist Release Title UPC-A (barcode) C-Bone 074764000026 Kid 074764000033 I.M. And Craz Dr. Grabow Woodshed U: Properganja II 074764000040 Phil-I 074764000057 Conor Mccormick 074764000064 Dj Faraj 074764000071 Hey Lauren 074764000088 Lunth 074764000095 Wessel 074764000101 Jake Case 074764000118 Gch 074764000125 Dethany 074764000132 Arkansas State 074764000149 Tommy 074764000156 GLCD 074764000163 Young Blum True To Form 074764000170 […]

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