Top 15 Best Music Producing Apps has a very interesting post outlining what they believe are the Top 15 best music producing apps/software. Here they are:

01. Image-Line FL Studio / Fruity Loops / FruityLoops

02. Ableton Live

03. PreSonus Studio One

04. Steinberg Cubase

05. PropellerHead Software Reason

06. Apple Logic Pro

07. Cockos Reaper

08. Avid Pro Tools / ProTools

09. CakeWalk Sonar

10. Magix Samplitude

11. MuTools MuLab

12. MOTU Digital Performer

13. Acoustica MixCraft Pro Studio

14. Sony Creative Software Acid / Sony Acid

15. Apple GarageBand


Noticeably missing from their list is Adobe Audition (f/k/a Cool Edit Pro) and Audacity (freeware for Apple Mac). Although these are primarily simple to use programs for recording vocals, they can also be used to edit and record any audio in general.


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