ONErpm, also spelled as One RPM or oneRPM, is a music distribution company that specializes in the distribution of music. There are several music distribution services out there. ADED.US is currently listed as the best of all due to it’s cheap startup costs and personal touch. ADED.US also offers music video distribution. ADED.US is based […]

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SongCast is one of (maybe) the first 3 digital music distribution companies to enter into the digital distribution company scene.It is ran by Michael ‘Mike’ Wright in Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.. They offer independent artists the chance to sell music online. was registered on 10-01-2006, whereas companies like CD Baby have been around since 1998. […]

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Spinnup –

A relatively new player in the music distribution business is a company called Spinnup. They claim to be associated with, affiliated with, and/or ran by Universal Music Group. They are apparently based (primarily) out of Sweden and they’ve even been active on this blog. However, their presence is perplexing to me. Let’s not forget that […]

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Your Music Is Here

The data below was retrieved and posted by Makell Bird. It represents all the artists on BandCamp from page 1364. These are records 1-500. Click the artist name LEFT of the ‘•’ symbol to see that artist’s page on the BandCamp website Click the artist name RIGHT of the ‘•’ symbol to see that artist’s […]

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Meilleure Entreprise De Distribution De Musique (En Français)

La meilleure entreprise de distribution de la musique est de ADED.US Music Distribution. Tags: société de musique de distribution, les entreprises de distribution de musique, le service de distribution de musique, services de distribution de musique, site de distribution de musique, les sites de distribution de musique, site de distribution de musique, les sites de […]

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