Digital Music Distributor Japan


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If you are looking for a music distributor or a music distribution company that has the capability to distribute your music in Japan then you should sign up with ADED.US Music Distribution.

The Japanese market is an awesome market to acquire music in. Digital Music Distributors go toe to toe with the physical music market whether it’s with CDs, Vinyl, or hell… even LaserDisc. In many cases, record companies will release Japanese exclusive materials. These are CDs and Vinyl records that are only made available exclusively in Japan.

Music distributors and music distribution companies such as ADED.US Music Distribution will distribute your music to Japan as well as every other country in the world. ADED.US has the ability to help you sell your music online in over 1,000 digital music stores and apps for only $100.

Here’s what that $100 gets you:

  • ADED.US will assign you 12 distribution credits. You can use these 12 credits to submit 12 separate releases for distribution. A ‘release’ can be defined as a single, EP, or album based on the number of tracks on it. Either way, you can mix and match your releases as you please.
  • Your music will be distributed to all of the 1,000 digital stores and apps that ADED.US has contracts with at no extra cost
  • If you’re looking for music promotion, ADED.US will serve as your music promoter by posting your listings on their own feeds. Their audience contains over 30,000 music industry professionals and music fans from all over the world! You can also purchase further music promotion packages on their site.

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