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A relatively new player in the music distribution business is a company called Spinnup. They claim to be associated with, affiliated with, and/or ran by Universal Music Group. They are apparently based (primarily) out of Sweden and they’ve even been active on this blog. However, their presence is perplexing to me. Let’s not forget that Universal is one of the largest (if not the largest) major record labels in the world. So, why on earth would a company like Universal –– a company that has made billions off of denying independent artists while simultaneously controlling and molding would-be pop stars –– all of a sudden want to get in the business of helping independent artists by offering them distribution deals? I’d hate to be the only person in the room pointing the dirty finger at the quintessential ‘snake in the grass’ but, let’s face it, I highly doubt independent musicians should feel the least bit comfortable putting their hand crafted music in the hands of a major label that has systematically pushed them out and kept them down for the last 80+ years.

Selling music online is tricky. Unless you’re a computer nerd (like me) who is familiar with the concept of uploading files and e-commerce, when you finally do decide to sell your music online, you may feel like you’re running into a brick wall. That’s why there are 100s of music distribution companies out there, all clamoring for your money, just waiting for that fateful day when you say “Hey, I want to sell my music, and I want to sell music online”. But, the big question is, do you even know how to sell music? Do you even know how to sell music on iTunes? Chances are that, even if you did, you wouldn’t qualify to acquire a direct contract with Apple. That’s because the digital music retail giants like Apple’s iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon, Spotify, Nokia MixRadio, Rdio, Xbox Music, and Sony’s Music Unlimited prefer to work with  other ‘giant’ companies. They call these music distribution companies aggregators and, when I tried to sell my music online, I quickly learned that they are the gatekeepers when it comes to distributing music to the various digital stores and apps. Learning how to sell music online was a task in itself. So, I’ve decided to ‘cut the fat’ for you. Here are my personal suggestions. These are digital distribution companies that I have personally used and they are great alternatives to Spinnup:

ADED.US Music Distribution ▶︎

This is the company I currently use. They are by far the best company I’ve ever dealt with. The founder (Makell Bird) will talk to you directly. Can you say that about most of these other music distribution companies? They are controlled by venture capitalists and corporations and could care less whether or not you actually make a profit off of selling your music online. The good people at ADED.US actually educated me on other ways to make money off of music that I never even thought of and kept me informed the whole time about the placement of my music. They will even go as far as to verify the exact location of your music in several stores with direct URLs via their ‘distribution report’. Also, since their pricing for the distribution services they provide range from $1.25 a week to $100 a year, the deal they are providing can’t be beat!

MusikCo.in ▶︎

MusikCo.in (a/k/a Music Coin) specializes in helping independent musicians to monetize their music through sites like YouTube. They have a special channel where they can promote your music for as low as $10. They also serve as the music promotion arm of ADED.US. Aside from that, they are a one of a kind company that can also teach you how to sell music online and accept digital currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and reddcoin. So, if you have already sifted through the various music promoters, and you are looking for the best music promoter, give them a shout!

BandCamp ▶︎

BandCamp is a good alternative for indie musicians looking to sell directly. The only problem is, if a customer wants to buy your music, they can only purchase it off of BandCamp… which means they must be familiar with BandCamp. Making people familiar with the process of purchasing your music on BandCamp can become tiresome, especially when they are unwilling to learn. This is why, in this scenario, it may be better to just sign up with ADED.US. Because ADED.US allows you to sell directly from their site and they will place your music on 1,000+ other digital stores and apps.


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