Trap Music Directory

trap music
What is trap music ?

There’s no doubt about it. Trap music is here. Thanks to sites like YouTube and SoundCloud fans, producers, and promoters of trap music are creating a scene and a heavy buzz to match. This page will serve as a directory for all the outlets for trap music.

ADED.US Music Distribution –– They will secure a distribution deal for your music. They also promote your music heavily.

▶︎ Officiial Site: ADED.US ▶︎ YouTube ▶︎ InstaGram ▶︎ SoundCloud

Note: ADED.US was founded by Makell Bird

Trap City ▶︎ Official WebSite ▶︎ YouTube ▶︎ SoundCloud ▶︎ FaceBook

TCK (The Chilled Knight) –– This is actually a YouTube channel for ChillOut (chill out / lounge) music, but it is in the same vein as all the other channels ▶︎ TCK on YouTube

Peng Bass Promo ▶︎ YouTube ▶︎ FaceBook ▶︎ SoundCloud

Nexus Network –– They actually promote all forms of EDM

FaceBook ▶︎ Youtube ▶︎ SoundCloud

soundsLARGE –– ran by DJ Large ▶︎ YouTube

THU Records –– supports several genres

FaceBook ▶︎ SoundCloud ▶︎ Twitter ▶︎ Google+ ▶︎ BeatPort ▶︎ Official WebSite

ZCM (Zero CopyRight Music)

SoundCloud ▶︎ Google+ ▶︎ FaceBook ▶︎ YouTube

Flow Nation

Google+ ▶︎ SoundCloud ▶︎ YouTube ▶︎

xKito Music

YouTube ▶︎ FaceBook ▶︎ Google+ ▶︎ SoundCloud

UKF –– maintains multiple ‘channels’ that are genre specific

UKF (original):
UKF Drum and Bass:
UKF DubStep:
UKF Mixes:
UKF Live:
All Trap Music:

Styles Sounds:
Most Dope EDM:


YouTube ▶︎ Google+


YouTube ▶︎

Chilled DubStep Music ▶︎
Mr. Suicide Sheep ▶︎
Pandoric / Proximity Music ▶︎
Majestic Casual ▶︎
TheSoundYouNeed ▶︎
La Belle Musique ▶︎
MrDeepSense / Mr. Deep Sense ▶︎
Armada Deep ▶︎
Koala Kontrol ▶︎
Funky Panda ▶︎
The Vibe Guide ▶︎
Sound Is Style / SoundIsStyle ▶︎
Selected. ▶︎
ToolRoom Records ▶︎

The Nation / All Nation –– They have several genre specific channels

Elysian Records ▶︎
Bass Boost ▶︎
BrutalBass / Brutal Bass ▶︎
IMWBass ▶︎
Obscurity ▶︎
NCS / No CopyRight Sounds / NoCopyRightSounds ▶︎
AirWaveMusicTV ▶︎
MaxFiveBoost / Max Five Boost ▶︎
Tobu ▶︎
SwagyTracks ▶︎
ImagineTunez ▶︎
BassBoosterz ▶︎
ExtremeBassBooster / Extreme Bass Booster ▶︎
Trap Warrior ▶︎
BassBoost / Bass Boost ▶︎
Heed The Sound ▶︎


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