Mixtape Distribution

Ask any rapper and they will tell you how important it is to (at least) have a mixtape (also spelled as two words –– mix tape). I mean, how can you go around town telling people that you’re a hot/dope rapper… and you have no way to showcase it? Now, we’ve all seen the ‘cyphers’ in the hallways, at the lunchroom tables, or the barber shops and corner stores. But that is more-or-less a showcase of one’s ability to freestyle. Sometimes it’s off ‘the top-of-the-dome’ and sometimes it’s a written or memorized verse that has been rehearsed.

Now, in order for you to showcase your talent, you’re going to need (what we in the music business call) a mixtape. A mixtape is essentially you rapping over (1) someone else’s beat(s) or (2) an original beat (instrumental). Once you have finished recording and mixing down your mixtape, you will need to find a mixtape distribution site. But that’s where things get tricky. Because, you could actually sell your mixtape. And, if you have the money to distribute it to much larger channels, why not do so?

Before I delve further into this subject, let me give you a quick list of some of the top mixtape distribution sites (based on the number of people that use them):

Truth be told, you don’t need to post your mixtape on any of these sites. There are plenty of other options when it comes to getting your music out there. Such as using one of the following file hosting sites to host your mp3 files individually, or as a zip file/folder containing your entire project.

But, this still isn’t my point. Now, let’s say that you’ve recorded your mixtape over unique beats for which you own the license and/or rights to. You could sign up with a company like ADED.US Music Distribution. For $100, you can purchase ‘The Ultimate Package’. This will allow you to distribute up to 12 ‘mixtapes’ to over 1,000 digital stores and apps every year. This is perfect if you work with a lot of people who are constantly pushing out content. The wonderful part about ADED.US is that they will let you distribute anything, such as a single, EP, or album. Be warned though, since your music will be listed as ‘for sale’, you might not want to submit material that you do not own copyrights to… or material that you don’t have permission to sell. This could lead to you getting a copyright claim filed against you. So, if you’re ‘legit’ and selling your own music, then give them a shot. I’m sure you’d get a kick out of making money off of something you originally intended on giving away for free. Plus, selling your music is the best way to gauge whether or not people actually like your music. This will separate you from all the other gazillion ‘rappers’ pumping out low quality mixtapes.

Click here to submit your mixtape to ADED.US Music Distribution


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