Top 10 Music Distribution Companies

Makell Bird

1. ADED.US Music Distribution

ADED.US Music Distribution is a music distributor that aims at being a 360º solution for independent artists looking to get their feet wet in the world of digital music distribution. They essentially provide 2 services:

  • They can turn your music project –– whether it’s a single, EP, or album –– into an app that is accessible from just about any device. Once an artist signs up to get their music distributed through ADED.US, a streaming and buying page is created which actually becomes a full blown mobile app when accessed by a smart mobile device. ‘Normal’ page listings have QR codes assigned to them which are visibly present and able to be scanned to transfer that page to your mobile device. You can then ‘save’ this app to your mobile device.
  • They can distribute your music project to 1,000+ digital stores and apps including major brands…

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