Best Music Distributor

In the past, Indie Music Guide has provided you with an extensive list of the best music distribution companies. We have tested the majority of these music distribution services and have reached a conclusion. Obviously, musicians want to get the most bang for their buck and when the time comes to sell music on iTunes you want to avoid the hidden fees and hassles associated with the majority of these fly-by-night distributors.

The best music distribution company is ADED.US Music Distribution

sell your music on itunes

Here are the key factors that make ADED.US the best distributor for music

  • Easy pricing plans: $5/month, $45/year, $100/ULTIMATE PACKAGE
  • Distributes to 1,000 stores worldwide
  • Has options to pay for only the stores you want
  • The Ultimate Package ($100 USD) gets your music on all 1,000+ stores across the globe without the need to pay an extra fee per store. It also gives you 12 release credits (or 50 songs, whichever comes first) without any extra charge






Runners up for best distributor are

  • CD Baby / CDBaby
  • TuneCore / Tune Core
  • SongCast / Song Cast Music

2 thoughts on “Best Music Distributor

  1. My question to you,are all genre accepted in this style is like michael BUBLE,frank Sinatra ,Tony Bennett.what I read is this company is the best distributor ,added us music distributor.because I would like to go with your company for the $100.please reply back to me and thank you tony russo

    1. Yes, all music genres are accepted… and for $100, you get 12 distribution credits… that means you can distribute 12 separate releases/projects. P.S. I (Tommy Corman) do not run ADED.US… @MakellBird runs it –– I will toss him your e-mail so he’ll get to you

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