Slacker Review (Streaming Radio)

Slacker Logo
Slacker Logo

Call me an audiophile or a music junkie. I love testing new platforms that involve music. I’m sure you’ve heard of Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify. Well, may I suggest Slacker

Each service has their ups-and-downs. When it comes to being able to listen to just about any song I want at any time, I actually prefer the desktop app of Spotify. It is a great discovery tool and a reference guide to finding out what certain CDs from the past sounded like without having to break your bank to buy CDs.

However, when it comes to streaming radio, Slacker wins hands down. Their mobile app interface is beautiful and simple enough for anyone to navigate. The web app works the same but the mobile app is the bee’s knees. They have genre stations developed by people who know music. Pandora’s algorithm based suggestions just dont’ get it sometimes and Rdio is buggy as hell.

But, any review would seem biased if I didn’t list a negative aspect. The only thing I don’t like about Slacker is that the pop-up ads (both video and art blacks) become annoying at times and block some of the screen so you can’t see what song you’re listening to without x-ing out of the ad. If it were just text ads and they didn’t block anything, it would be more bareable.

Either way, give them a shot and make sure you download their mobile app if you have a smart phone or iPod.


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